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The Need To Clean; How To Take Care Of Your Growlers


Growlers are the perfect vessel to take your drink of choice straight from the tap. But like all glassware, it needs to be cleaned. Let’s breakdown the signs of a dirty growler, how you should go about cleaning them, and storage conditions.

One sign that your growler is ready to be washed is that there is a popping sound when you open the lid (residual beer may have pressurized the growler). You can also take a hint from its outward appearance and smell!

The best way to clean out your growler is to rinse it with warm or hot water after you’re done using it. It can also be filled, left to soak, and rinsed out a few times. When it comes to drying, you want to give it the time to air dry upside down. Try avoid using large amounts of dish soap since it can leave behind unwanted residues and odours (but if you do make sure you rinse it out properly and thoroughly so it doesn’t affect your next drink). You can even give your growler the royal treatment and scrub it down with a soft bristle brush.

When storing your growlers, you want to make sure they’re dry; if they’re not, make sure that the cap is left off to prevent any bacterial growth.

Now you’re ready for your next fill!