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A Guide to Beer Glasses

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Vessels for beer drinking date all the way back to 9,000 BC. From early cups made of stone and wood, to enameled glass beakers, stoneware, and pewter, as long as there was beer there was a cup for it. Having the right glassware for your beer varietals is essential as your sense of smell is a key factor when enjoying your favourite brew, something that is missed when drinking from a store packed item. In addition to your sense of smell, being able to see the colour, clarity, bubbles, and foam adds to your beer drinking experience. Let’s dive in to the different styles of beer glasses, and what they’re best used for.

The traditional pint glass is a versatile piece, complementing the majority of beer styles. Pint glasses can vary in size and shape based on their country of origin (ex: American, English, Irish, German pints).

Pilsner glasses are typically compatible with a lighter beer, such as lagers and blonde ales. These glasses tend to have an elongated shape with a slender silhouette. The slim shape enhances bubbles, similar to the function of a champagne glass.

Belgian glasses have a rounded bowl on a stem. The top tapers off to catch aromas, and there is an outward curvature to provide support for a foamy head. Typically, these glasses are used for stronger beers, such as saisons and Belgian beers.

Tasting, or sampler, glasses come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The glasses hold a smaller capacity compared to other beer glasses, which is why they’re used for brewery flights and tasting events. It allows for the sampling of a variety of different beers.

IPA glasses are a more recent addition to the glassware lineup for many breweries. They’re elongated with ridges near the base, which work to agitate the beer to release aromas and flavours, which are then captured by the round mouth.

The beer mug is strong and sturdy, with its handle and thicker glass. This all works together to keep your beer cool by keeping your hand away from the glass itself. This is the ideal mug for robust toasting cheering.