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Beer Glasses


Zenan has the largest selection of Beer Glasses and the largest in-house inventory to choose from in North America. Whether it is for personal use, bar, restaurant, hotel, Craft beer, promotion or special events, Zenan’s custom branded Beer Glasses will suit every need you may have. Below is a short list of the top selling glasses to help simplify your search, or feel free to view the full selection of Beer Glasses by specific categories. If you have a question or want to make a purchase, please fill out our forms under each individual product or call us at 416-736-0030. Your request will be responded to within a few hours.

About Beer Glasses

The Shape, Style, And Size Of Beer Glasses Matter!

There is a wide variety of beer glasses to choose from, and they each have their own unique characteristics. It’s important to remember that the glass is more than just a glass that holds beer. The shape and size of the glass plays a complex role in conveying the message of a fine beer. The glass you choose in a functional instrument to dignify the taste of a fine beer.

Shape Matters

The shape of the glassware will highlight the defining feature of the beer that should go in it. With wheat beer glasses, for example, the tall thin lower portion of the glass highlights the striking color of the beer, while the bulbous top portion leaves plenty of room for the fluffy head to foam. The overall size of the glass also makes it easy to drink large, thirst quenching sips.Glasses that curve inwards towards the top, such as snifters and tulips, focus beer aromas at the rim of the glass. This is perfect for the beers with complex noses, like Belgian Triples or Imperial Stouts.

Size Matters

When drinking beer, the size matters. As the strength of the beer you are drinking goes up, the size of the glass should go down. You generally drink strong beers in smaller portions, so you want the glass to be full at portion size. In big glasses, gravity aids in getting the beer quickly to your mouth.