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Zenan Code Of Ethics



The owners and directors mandate that the Zenan code of conduct will be strictly adhered to in every aspect of our working here at Zenan.


In all matters of business conducted at Zenan and at all times, the partners, managers, supervisors, and staff will endeavor to be absolutely honest. We will be honest to our customers and ourselves.


We will maintain a high level of integrity in all things we do. We will be trustworthy and dependable. We will take all our commitments seriously; we will go above and beyond to deliver quality product every time, no matter what the cost is.

Human Rights

We will ensure that every person, customer, and worker we interact with will be treated with the utmost respect. We will not make any distinction based on color, gender, religion, ethnicity or language. Every human being will be respected and cared for.

Bribery & Corruption

All personnel supervisors, managers, and directors will absolutely refrain from every form of bribery and corruption. Periodic audits will be regularly conducted to ensure that no one in Zenan, at any and every level, will ever make any attempt to bribe or offer any grants to any customer, vendor, or person.


No director, manager, supervisor, or worker in a position of authority will participate or commit a fraud with any dealings in the company. We shall endeavor to always provide accurate information at all times.

Environmental Responsibility

At Zenan, we make sure that every effort is made to preserve environmental integrity. We will constantly seek and invest in new technologies that are environment friendly.

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