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Water and the Alcohol Industry

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On March 22, we celebrate World Water Day. Water is essential in the manufacturing and agricultural processes of your favourite drinks. Did you know that it can take 60-180L of water to make just 1L of beer? We need to work together to improve and support water sustainability in the industry. Read on to learn about initiatives that can improve water conservation.

Water is essential to the agricultural processes behind your drink of choice. Wineries around the world are implementing water recirculation and treatment systems, as well as rainwater capture systems. Some smaller initiatives are just to use wastewater for irrigation needs, which can take the stress off of streams and groundwater sources.

Manufacturing and cleaning processes also use very large amounts of water, with the majority going to waste afterwards. Some breweries have implemented cooling systems that use recirculated water and have changed their packaging line belts to use a dry lubricant versus something water based.

Reducing the water ratio can also be helpful; the current industry standard for breweries is 5 parts water to 1 parts beer, while for wine it can range from 2.5-6 parts water to 1 part wine.

At Zenan Glass, we filter and re-use our screen washing water in an effort to reduce our environmental footprint and we also use eco-friendly UV printing.