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Glassware Matters: Why glassware has various designs Part 1 – Wine Glasses


Glassware Matters: Why are glasses designed? Part 1 – Wine Glasses.

Zenan is not only the largest glassware decorator in Canada for over 27 years, we pride ourselves in educating our customers. “Glassware Matters” was started to discuss and educate people on all matters of glassware, decorating and up to date product and industry information. As the title suggests, glassware matters! (Yes we know the double meaning is clever;)

Why glasses are designed – Focus on wine glasses:

Some glasses are made just for aesthetic purposes, while others are designed with a specific purpose in mind. When it comes to the wine, spirits and beer industries, you will find that the glasses are designed to enhance the look, aroma and taste of these products.

For example, a wider base in wine glasses that narrows as you get to the top are designed with a purpose. The wider base allows more oxygen to interact with the wine, so as you swirl the wine you are getting the oxygen and wine to mix and settle. the oxygen in the glass will allow the true taste of the wine to come to the forefront. The narrow opening at the top allows the aromas to be focused towards the nose after the swirling of the wine. Wine glasses are also designed to direct the taste of wine to hit certain areas of your tongue. Sweeter wines are in glasses that force you to tilt your head back further. This is so the wine you are drinking hits the back of your tongue more intensely where your sweet palate is. The result is an increase in taste satisfaction. More robust wines will be in glasses wider at the top, so the wine may hit the front of your tongue for a better taste sensation. The same principles are use for the design of beer glasses.

The manufacturing of glass and the design principles behind it are far more complex than most people would think. Glass is simply a product that is taken for granted. For those involved where wine, beer and spirits are served, the glass is every bit as important as the product it is holding. From the look, to how the glass enhances the product, to how it is decorated, it is important to keep all of these factors in mind when choosing glassware.

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