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Glassware Matters: Glassware Handling Instructions


Glassware Matters: Glassware Handling Instructions

Did you know?

All heavy sham (thick base) and oversized glassware must be handled with care due to the very nature of the glass. The thick sham (base) will always retain heat longer than the thinner side of the glass. Touch a warm glass on the side and then the base and you will notice how much warmer the base is. The base always cools off slower than the balance of the glass. Although you may think the glass is at room temperature, it isn’t thoroughly.

Care Instructions:

– Ensure the pub glass is always at room temperature prior to use. Use double the time of a regular glass for cooling as rule of thumb for all heavy sham glasses.
– Do not store or place mugs in the a glass chiller, freezer or fridge. This will cause thermal stress in the glass and lead to breakage.
– Whenever possible, wash glassware early in the morning or evening to allow sufficient cooling time. – Never smash or stack mugs when clearing tables.
– Do not put cutlery into the mugs when clearing tables.
– Ensure proper washing temperatures in the your glass washers.
– Never pour cold beer into a warm glass.
– Never pour cold beer into a glass directly out of a washer.

What is thermal shock?

Thermal shock is the name given to cracking as a result of rapid temperature change. Glass and ceramic objects are particularly vulnerable to this form of failure, due to their low toughness, low thermal conductivity, and high thermal expansion coefficients. Thermal shock can be prevented by reducing the thermal gradient seen by the object, by changing its temperature more slowly.

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