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Zenan donates $6,000 to WWF’s CN Tower Climb for nature 2018

Corporate Responsibility & Charity

Charity: WWF (World Wildlife Fund)

Event: CN Tower Climb for nature 2018 – Zenan donates $6,000

Zenan will be participating once again in the WWF’s CN tower climb for nature! We have also donated another $6,000 in support of this charity that is devoted to saving animals around the world. WWF’s work has evolved from saving species and landscapes to addressing the larger global threats and forces that impact them.  Recognizing that the problems facing our planet are increasingly more complex and urgent, we have refined the way in which we work around an ambitious new strategy.

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* Please note that WWF-Canada is an accredited under the Imagine Canada Standards program.

Zenan’s Role: Zenan has donated $6,000 to the WWF year over year for the CN Tower charity climb to save the animals.

WWF Climb for nature 2018