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Corporate Responsibility & Charity
Zenan’s latest charity initiative in togo Africa helps 3000 local villagers obtain safe sustainable drinking water without a 3km daily walk. We are so proud to be a part of helping make life better for some amazing people. • location: village of Klonou, in Togo, West africa • persons who will benefit: approximately 3000 • water quality has effected the health of the people of Klonou for generations • distance walked to safe well water by the population has been as far as 3 km, carried home daily by women and children • distribution of safe potable water has been a dream of this community for many years • project was initiated by the community • local engineering expertise involved in the design and construction • construction is providing local employment • electricity has recently come to the outskirts of the village • a high flow electric pump has successfully been installed at the well and the pump can now supply water to the tower • the water tower will allow for gravity to supply 10 water distribution stations throughout the village connected to the tower by pipes in the ground. The water will flow from taps at the 10 stations. • walking distances to clean water will be greatly reduced and there will no longer be a need to manually pump water from the well • local authorities have indicated that this water distribution system will solve many health issues related to the quality of drinking water in Klonou • the water system will belong to the village • The lives of approximately 3000 persons will be greatly improved as a result of this effort. We have supported the charity for many years and will continue our support in the future.