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Glassware 101


Picking the Right Glass

  • Glassware does a lot more than just hold beverages.
  • Try to pick the right glass for the right beer.
  • The shape and size of your glass will enhance the aromas and flavours and create a more enjoyable experience.
  • Stemmed glasses can be enjoyed for both lagers and ales but for different reasons.
  • Lagers are thirst quenchers and your hand should stay away from the body of the glass (warms up the beer).
  • Ales are full bodied and robust and sometimes need the warmth of your hand to bring out all of the great flavours and aromas.

Do’s and Don’ts (Mostly Don’ts)

  • Never hold glassware in bouquets (the oils from your fingers cling to the inside)
  • Never stack glasses (scratches and oily residue from the outside of the glass)
  • Never store glassware in overhead racks (picks up odours and bacteria)
  • Avoid glass contact with beer tap (bacteria just looking for a home)
  • Never put silverware into glasses.
  • Never use beer glasses for any other beverages.

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