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Glass containers and bottle printing is a specialty of Zenan Glass. At Zenan you have access to a large selection of top brand glass jars and glass containers, and the largest in-house glassware decoratoring services in North America! Zenan’s custom branding options for all of your jars, bottles and containers will suit every need you may have.

Zenan supports all of its local associations including the Ontario Maple Syrup Producers Association, Ontario Fruit & Vegetable Convention, Ontario Farm Fresh, Ontario Craft Brewers Association, Ontario Craft Wineries and the Ontario Craft Cider Association. Below is a list of the top selling glass jars, bottles and containers to help simplify your search, or feel free to contact us to help guide you. If you have a question or want to make a purchase, please fill out our forms under each individual product or call Dan at 416-875-6001. Your request will be responded to within a few hours.

Glass Container And Bottle Printing Products

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Glass Container and Bottle Printing

We Supply, Design, Print & Ship, All In-House!

There is no need to look any further. Zenan has your back when it comes to supply, design, printing and delivery of your glass containers, bottles and jars. Everything is done in-house locally.

Glassware Matters

There is a wide variety of glass containers, bottles and jars to choose from, and they each have their own unique characteristics. It’s important to remember that the glass is more than just a glass that holds your product. The shape and size of the glass plays a role in conveying the message of your brand, the taste of your product. The glassware you choose in a functional instrument to dignify the taste of your craft.

Printing Matters

Not all printers are created equal. Zenan has been printing for over 25 years with the most up to date services and equipment available. Our experts work every day with top brands and local crafts to provide the best possible solution for their product

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Glass Container And Bottle Printing Services:

Zenan Services - UV Printing


UV printing is a totally green, cost effective and reliable way to decorate your glassware with Zenan. With many benefits such as glass strengthening and dishwasher durability of more than 1000 cycles, UV technology is replacing old methods of printing. Zenan is one of the few North American manufacturers to offer UV printing technology.


Select a satin etch for a subtle and economical option, or opt for a full colour reproduction of your brand. Either way, Zenan’s workmanship and quality is always top notch and true to your brand.

Zenan Services - LASER ETCHING


Create beautiful customized and personalized designs, messages and monograms on both curved or flat glass surfaces. Zenan uses precision engraving machinery and advanced technology to create consistent quality light or deep engraving with the right translucent effect for a classy look.


Custom decals allow for a large variety of options and flexibility when choosing your printing service. When trying to match a difficult design or pattern or size and shape, decals are the best solution. Only digital printing has similar flexibility in print colour and design but more limitations on the choice of glassware

Zenan Services - DECALS
Zenan Services - WRAPPING


Zenan has several techniques which allow your design to fully wrap around your glass bottle or jars! These custom jobs really stand out and have a strong visual impact. Ask our team how we can make your design work for you!


This specialty application allows various glass bottles, containers and jars to be sprayed with a variety of colours and baked for a permanent original look! Zenan has state of the art spraying machines and processes that are almost impossible to find in North America. Zenan is one of the only decorating companies providing this service.



Zenan is always a leader in decorating digital printing is a strong example. With the most up to date digital printing machines Zenan has perfected this service with amazing results. It is more economical and much faster with custom print results that can't be achieved with regular screen printing. If you are looking for a very detailed print on specific types of glass jars, bottles and containers, this is a possibility for your product.


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