Zenan 2017 Trends Report Is Here!

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Zenan 2017 Trends Report Is Here!

“Nostalgic”, “perfectly imperfect”, “unique tasting” and “the right glass”. These are some of the categories featured in Zenan’s 2017 glassware trends report.

The trends report is your place to get ahead of the curve. time to set in motion your plans to capitalize on what is current and what sells.

The newest Master’s Reserve collection will give you the remarkable HD2 Rim, Foot lifetime guarantee, and ClearFire glass.

Mixology continues its rock-star rise with urban distilleries and individual mixologists. Unique glassware to display cocktails has increased by demand and pushed boundaries.

People are becoming educated on the importance of glassware and therefore making better educated choices. Now they demand the right vessel for their beverage and the bar, restaurant or store better have what they are looking for!

Bar tools continue on the rise with copper, stainless steel, gold plated and vinyl. It’s cool now to be using a variety of tools at the bar or at home. Jiggers, shakers, spoons, mixing glasses and more are now seen and used more than ever.

At Zenan we not only supply you with all the latest glassware you see in the trends report, but we customize for you. We are the experts in glassware decorating in Canada and the only place you need to go. Contact us for more information or to order any of the latest trends.

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